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ODY 021 Lenny Fontana Feat. New York Thunder - Holler

Artist: Lenny Fontana Feat. New York Thunder
Track: Holler

One of the hottest tracks played by Mixmag 2019 BEST DJ OF THE YEAR Award #1 position DJ's Eris Drew & Octo Octa on their Sugar Mountain x Boiler Room set. Lenny Fontana Feat. New York Thunder Holler. What’s more to say the track is fire.

Release Date: 12.06.2020

Listen: coming soon

ODY 012 Lenny Fontana & Jonathan Trattner - Pumafield

Artist: Lenny Fontana & Jonathan Trattner
Track: Pumafield

Producer Dj Lenny Fontana teams up with Jonathan Trattner to produce this killer track with a disco vibe that will rock the dance floor. It is a classic disco house track that has energy from start to finish. A Big Bass Line and A Cheeky Cuban feel that gives it that appeal that will keep your people twirling through the night.

Release Date: 29.05.2020

Listen: coming soon

ODY 011 Whiplash & Freddy Turner - Whatcha Doing To Me

Artist: Whiplash & Freddy Turner
Track: Whatcha Doing To Me

Released almost 20 years ago this track is a true Disco House Stomper. Dj Freddy Turner of New York City masterminded this song with his production partner Jason Whiplash and what came out is a high energized Disco House tune that burns the place down every time it is played. Another Classic House tune for all those sets aimed to the golden era of house.

Release Date: 22.05.2020


ODY 010 Lenny Fontana & Byron Stingily - I'll Give You

Artist: Lenny Fontana & Byron Stingily
Track: I'll Give You

Byron Stingily the lead vocalist of Ten City with many hits under his belt wrote this wonderful song with the disco infused classic house sound. The track was originally produced by Lenny Fontana at a wonderful time in the golden era of house music. This release is available again and sounds as fresh now as it did when it was originally released back in the early 2000’s.

Release Date: 12.06.2020

Listen: coming soon

ODY 007 Lenny Fontana & Zhana - Are You Ready

Artist: Lenny Fontana & Zhana
Track: Are You Ready

When Sound Factory Bar Nightclub in New York City was banging it in the 1990s there where a group of dancers that became huge vocalists in dance music. One of them to step out of from that era was female vocalist Zhana. She worked on a few tracks with Lenny Fontana but this was the one track where they would get it right. At the time of the release Pete Tong Championed the song R U Ready in Ibiza at Pacha in the early 2000s and it then became a well sorted out release from the Odyssey Records Camp.

Release Date: 17.04.2020


ODY 006 Lenny Fontana & Carla Prather - One Day

Artist: Lenny Fontana & Carla Prather
Track: One Day (Don't You Remember Me)

In the early days of Odyssey Records Chicago Vocalist and writer Byron Stingily discovered a young female vocalist Carla Prather and they both went into a studio and wrote one of her first songs that she ever recorded professionally at the time. Lenny Fontana provided the backing music to what would become Carla’s signature track called ”One Day” check out this classic golden song and production by a great team.

Release Date: 03.04.2020


ODY 005 Black Masses - U Know How To Love Me

Artist: Black Masses
Track: U Know How To Love Me

Black Masses a group conceived by Soulboy Producer Dj Cleveland Anderson out of London England. Who himself in the later years went on to become a high powered manager handling the likes of groups such as The Jacksons, Shalamar and many others. At once upon a time he produced beautiful songs that became sort after and timeless. This song was originally released in 2003 and it captivated house music people all over the world and with its rerelease digitally, people can enjoy streaming it for years to come.

Release Date: 20.03.2020


ODY 002 Lenny Fontana - Give It Up / Scat To It Feels Good

Artist: Lenny Fontana
Track: Give It Up / Scat To It Feels Good

A Classic from Lenny Fontana’s history vault that was originally released in 2003 which work back then and sounds fresh today. A sure shot dance floor smash to get any party into high gear.

Release Date: 13.03.2020


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