KPR 337 Castaman & Luca Vanelli & Mario Percali - Don't Look Back [Karmic Power Records]


Release Date:
20.01.2023 | 27.01.2023


House | Disco House

Catalog Number:
KPR 337S | KPR 337

Karmic Power Records



Cool grooves for your dance floor created by Alberto Castaman, Luca Vanelli and Mario Percali. A very memorable style hook with that golden era sound of the 1990s and a new twist of freshness. “Don’t Look Back” is a sure shot winner for your set worldwide. Be on the watch of this hot production team.



His musical career began at ‘the age of 11 years as a drummer in various rock bands. D.J. Producer since 1984, resident DJ in the most famous nightclubs in northern Italy, including-Kursaal Lignano, Victory – Villa Bonin – Studio 16 – Feel Vicenza and many others. After some years of musical understanding with Mario Percali, great musician, known for the hit record in the panorama of the Black Machine How Gee, began producing high quality dance music including: 

Just can not help me (Disco Magic) that will the individual that made him known throughout Europe, projecting in various dJ sets in Scotland and Ireland. In the following years working with other DJ Alberto Castaman with which the individual produces: Feel the Music – Body Music – Welcome to Satrincha (Edinet music-EMI), which will have a good success in the discos in Italy, and licensed in several European countries. In 2004 he started working with the Airplane Rec Mauro Ferrucci and the next exit of I Can not Sleep Vinyl, Magic fly.

In 2009 the meeting with Diego Broggio founder and producer of DB Boulevard, start here Molto Recordings collaboration with individuals with high quality such as: Wanna be your lady, Last true lovers. Following the meeting in 2010 with Julius Filotto musician superlative skills and “voice” of Miss Laura Manderino in art dominoes, which led to two individuals who will go to all the radio in Italy: Get up and dance and love Little. In the same year Alberto carefully also the soundtrack of Sharm el Shake an unforgettable summer, directed by Fabrizio Giordani. Change the label in early 2012, with the new release & Diego Broggio Castaman domino ft Miss The Power of Love for the music Ego.

In 2014 the collaboration with Cube Guys and release of the single “Come on get up”. New single “All in my head” arrived in 2017 with the collaboration of the Cube Guys a project signed DIEGO BROGGIO, CASTAMAN, THE CUBE GUYS Feat Miss Julia ‘ . Another single with cube guys “Running”.


Artist: Castaman & Luca Vanelli & Mario Percali
Track: Don’t Look Back
Genre: House | Disco House
Cat. No.: KPR 337 / KPR 337S
Label: Karmic Power Records
Labelcode: LC-51694
3617053271287 (Original Mix)
3617053312713 (Club Mixes)
Producer: Alberto Castaman, Luca Galvanelli, Mario Percali
Written: Alberto Castaman, Luca Galvanelli, Mario Percali
Coordinator: Manuel Genzel
Publishing: Karmic Power Publishing (ASCAP), S.I.A.E. 198356030, PRS 617645436, S.I.A.E.
Copyright: © 2022 by Karmic Power Records
Sound Recording: ℗ 2022 by Karmic Power Records 


01. Original Mix (QM-HDW-23-00000)
02. Club Mix (QM-HDW-23-00001)
03. Club Instrumental Mix (QM-HDW-23-00002)


KPR 337S (Original Mix)
Official Release: 20.01.2023
Pre-Order: 30.12.2022

KPR 337 (Club Mixes)
Official Release: 27.01.2023
Traxsource exclusive: 13.01.2023
Pre-Order: 06.01.2023



Luca Vanelli was born in 1982 in Vicenza near Venice, Italy.
His passion for music started early when he would play with his father’s turntables every day and make mixed tapes with a cassette player.
He taught himself how to DJ at home as a teenager and was soon DJing in local bars and clubs with his friend Emilio Lavarini.
By 2005, Luca was producing house music and releasing his first tracks with Purple Music, Rule5, Mind the Gap, Sensorama Records and Karmic Power Records.
Over the next few years, Luca honed his skills as a DJ playing increasingly large venues all over northern Italy.

He founded ‘Damn! It’s Funk’ in 2012 with friend Daniele ‘Sexxx’ Sesso, a collaboration bringing together jazz, funk and house music.
Luca moved to London in 2013 to start a new career and continued DJing sporadically over the next few years.
By 2018, he had built a new home studio and started producing house again, starting with Big Sur which was released by his long-time friend Diego Broggio, AKA DB Boulevard, now A&R at StreetLab Rec.
In 2021, he released Poppin’ like with friend and DJ J Falluchi; the new track got 70,000 streams in its first three



Mario percali well-known producer in the 80s with the success of TIME Can’t you feel it, VIDEO Somebody, AFRICA MAN Kongo band, VISION Everybody, in the early 90s he had a great success with BLACK MACHINE How gee and then another single of 2 Example’s Just can’t hel me with DJ Castaman.
Many other percali productions are enough to look at Discogs