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KPR is a US house and disco music record label from New York. It´s the record label of legendary New York House Producer & DJ Lenny Fontana. The promise is to push the boundaries of house music and all its varieties, taking it back to an era where music had the ability to evoke emotions. With each release the listener will be able to enjoy a moment in time. A place or even just a simple feeling with the strong vibes that Karmic Power Records is releasing.

Over the years as an artist Lenny Fontana has proven his ability to crossover from the clubs to the mainstream with his brand of house music. It’s these principles that Lenny and the team have applied to the label.
Lenny says, “Our main focus will be on moving forward with sourcing new acts and through our A&R department guiding them to grow as artists as well as working with other industry heavyweights.

With releases featuring such acts as David Morales (Def Mix / 3 Kings), DJ Spen (Quantize Recordings), ATFC (ATFC Music, Defected & Toolroom), John Morales (Universal UMC / Sony) , Funkerman (Flamingo Records), Richard Grey (Universal Music / Spinnin’), DJ PP (Vendetta, Strictly Rhythm, Defected & Toolroom) & Marshall Jefferson (Traxx Records) amongst others”

Karmic Power Records Studio

Featuring a multi-faceted studio. Karmic Power Records is able to handle all aspects of our releases from writing to mixing and mastering.
Keep a look out for all future Karmic Power Records releases on all digital music stores. After all everyone wants a little good Karma!

The labels Odyssey Records and Housebugs are sublabels of KPR.

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